All Hail our new Website

As part of our ongoing re-branding process, today we launch our brand new website. <APPLAUSE>

Logix1995 Very first website

Very first website – in October 1995

This is the sixth generation of our own website since we put up our very first one in 1995. We had registered the very first domain around October of that year and built a very small brochure type site in straight up HTML code typed on a text editor. The pictures were very small to be delivered reasonably fast enough on the 3200 baud (28.8 kbits/sec) modem speeds we had at the time. There was no SEO, no CMS, no CSS, PHP or any of these acronyms we are so familiar with today. Oh, how things have changed in these past twenty years!!

This new website is also the first one we have done for ourselves in responsive web design for easy mobile compatibility and the first time we have launched this blog as an integral part of our website. These two points are a clear indication of where we are and where our industry is heading in the future. The future is MOBILE and CONTENT.

In August 2014, mobile Internet access surpassed desktop usage for the first time in history and this trend is expected to keep going in that direction further and further. Meanwhile, society’s voracious appetite for content – good quality content keeps increasing as things become more fleeting and everyone is constantly looking for the next big thing.

Our own website project has been a few months coming in between everything else we create for our clients. Now it’s live we’re totally chuffed with it. This is where we are going and we’re taking some of our better clients with us. Email us on if you’d like to find out more.

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