How audio branding is made

Audio branding is created in very much the same way as graphical branding, through a collaborative process that involves different people. As the graphic designer interprets the visual identity through colours, shapes and words; the composer, author and sound engineer communicate the brand’s audio identity through music, sounds and lyrics. These often work together to interpret the brand’s identity in different ways that complement each other across different media.

Logix Audio Branding

Logix Audio Branding


Audio is also a very important element of video and video is really the big thing right now. So having a strong audio brand presence is a vital element of any effective brand communication strategy. The objective is not necessarily to create an ear worm that keeps ringing in people’s ears long after they hear it.  In some cases it could be an instrumental composition that works better than a lyrical song. This depends on the character of the brand and the purpose of the productions being made.

Radio advertising jingles are often catchy tunes that keep playing in your head for as much as 17 minutes or longer after you listen to them. Some may become the soundtrack of our lives as we hear them repeatedly every day in the car on our way to school, to work, shopping and so forth.

Here are some audio branding examples of our previous work:


CosecasaIn this distinctive original tune, the words “the household shop with thousands of products to choose from” are spoken above a catchy jingle that reinforces the brand name repeatedly. Cosecasa is then sung for about 20 seconds with a steady delivery of the product offering and a punchy ending stating the tag line boldly.
Merlin Library“Open a book it will open your mind” is the main lyric of this short melody. Merlin Library is synonymous with books especially for children and this jingle is a short and sweet song to promote reading.
TerranovaTerranova is an Italian fashion brand that appeals to young people and this grungy character comes through clearly in the opening riff and throughout the whole song. We are Terranova, Tetetetetet Terranova.
Klikk Computer Stores“Let’s all Klikk” is the crowd’s call to action in this high speed rock and roll track with lead guitar over computer keyboard strokes as the main motif.
Oxford HouseOxford House is synonymous with excellent customer service and this track promotes “The Comfort of Knowing You’re in Good Hands” over a day-in-the-life account of a young woman. The character of the production is genuinely honest as much as the brand itself is within the markets where it operates.
SpellsSpells is a fun toy shop for children, and this track reminds parents of children’s films when they themselves were little.Meanwhile the children’s choir encourages younger audiences to join in from the back seat while being driven on their way to school every morning. The tag line “The Magical World of Children” is a perfect ending to the song, after the name has been spelt out twice.
Bay Street“It’s Got to B Baystreet” is the tag line of this popular shopping complex that uses this track in all media presences where possible. The almost hip-hop tone of the song emphasizes the brand’s edgy urban character.


The Process

The process of creating audio branding starts with a clear definition of the brand’s character and tone of voice by our branding experts. Unless we have worked with the brand before, this is done with the client team in a formal workshop setting lasting about 2 to 3 hours.

We then discuss the results of this workshop and any competitive research and any other research results we have with the composer and author and they start working on the song production. The client may be invited to listen to rough edits during the process but very often the client gets to appreciate the set of productions of different lengths and applications during a final presentation. Normally the set includes complete versions in 10, 15 and 30 seconds, instrumental versions and any others depending on specifications.

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