be.HOTEL appeals to a young, tech savvy audience looking for accessible comfort and convenience.

Together with the client team and our partners at daaahaus, we held several focus groups and creative sessions to define target audiences for this hotel that is located in the busy shopping and entertainment district of Paceville in Malta. From these workshops it emerged that our primary target audience is tech savvy and artistic individuals looking for accessible comfort. They are mainly seeking fun in stylish surroundings but above all, with dependable service. The name was established and we startedto define be.HOTEL as a contemporary designer hotel experience that is chic with an urban vibe. It incorporates modern trends, yet retains the comfort of a plush hotel room to become the new face of hospitality in the area. The logo design expresses all this through the mix of the friendly chunky lower case font and a more formal sans serif that is separated by a bright dot of colour. Everything about be.HOTEL's collateral material carries the branding concept of subdued fun with a strong emphasis on individuality, art and creativity. The play on be... is used in several instances throughout the brand identity package to create a cohesive original style. The same styling was carried into all forms of communication, including media communication, way finding signage, etc. Our colleagues at DAAA Haus created a superb ambient for the public areas and private rooms of the hotel that gives life to the brand we created. Bold and bright colours and several design elements come together to create the feeling of comfort and accessible style.
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