Bistroteca Restaurant & Bar concept was created through the collaboration of Logix Creative & Daaa Haus about three years ago. The scope of the concept was to design an elegant eatery with strong branding aimed to attract a medium to high end target market. Today the client has decided to move in a new direction, therefore calling for a rebrand of the establishment. Through the altering of key elements which establish the brand identity, such as; signage, menus, wallpaper  and further communicative graphic work, we may change the clients overall perspective of the restaurant. The photos seen below  illustrate how the minimal elegant branding was re interpreted, into more playful, dynamic design to give off more of casual and approachable feeling therefore attracting the new audience the client wishes to pursue.   

Screen Shot 2017-12-21 at 14.26.51B_MENUDSC_9890-2-copiaB_ADVERT MAGAZINEB_CardB_Billboards