Rebates on e-commerce websites announced

As January is the best time of the year for all sorts of personal resolutions for self-improvement, it is also the time when most businesses start working on new plans with new targets and objectives for the year ahead. During this month, the sales charts are still clean and mostly empty, waiting for new numbers to start flooding in. Business managers are brainstorming on how they can reach more customers and build better relationships with them to increase their sales and profits.


Welcome to the new Internet

There’s a surprisingly large amount of businesses out there that have not updated their corporate website in years. This could be because they don’t have the resources to keep it updated or hadn’t seen good enough results for it to be a priority for them anymore. Now is the time to take this opportunity to do just that and receive a €500 rebate in web services when booking your new website.


Here are 10 reasons you should be booking your new business website right now:

1. Responsive – all our new websites are now responsive as standard. This means that they adapt to the size of the screen being used. If you are browsing this website on a mobile phone you will see that it looks like a proper mobile app. If you browse the same website on a desktop computer you will see it differently, filling up the entire screen with good quality images across the whole width. Since more than 70% of internet usage is currently being done on mobile devices this also means that your site will rank higher in searches done from mobile phones.

2. Self-managed CMS – We build websites using open source content management system such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla etc. – the open source content management system used on millions of websites worldwide. This ensures that anyone can keep your website updated with the very latest information. No programming or technical knowledge is required so anyone that can use Word can easily manage the website. No long term costly contracts to worry about and no reason for your website to stop being updated ever.

3. E-Commerce – You can choose to display all or some of your products or services in a catalogue with or without prices and it’s up to you if you want to sell online or just use your website to help people learn more about your business. Our e-commerce websites can accept payments via local credit cards or debit cards, PayPal and even cash on delivery. We can also implement calendar booking systems for services such as property or product rentals that span over a number of days or weeks.

4. Social Media integration – Your new website will be seamlessly integrated with social media so that visitors can like and share content with their friends and bring new traffic to your site at no additional cost to you. Your Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram feeds can also be featured on your site to enable your content to reach new followers.

5. Live chat – As more and more people look for immediate interaction and answers to their questions, live chat on your website will enable them to reach you more easily. You decide when your website chat goes live and who manages it from your office or remotely.

6. Google maps – We can help put your business more prominently on Google maps and display your location on an embedded map so customers can find you more easily even using GPS on their mobile phones.

7. SEO optimized – Our new websites are optimized for higher organic search engine ranking so that your business comes up on searches more easily and higher up in the listings.

8. Custom designed UI/UX – We do not use templates for building website but design everything from scratch every time. This ensures that the impact your site makes on viewers is more effective.

9. Brand power – Our team of staff includes experienced graphic designers and brand gurus who’s job it is to create and cultivate successful brands. We do not only graphic design brand logos, we also define the narrative to make them stand out from their competition.

10. €500 rebate!! – Speak to us now to avail yourself of €500 rebate on the cost of your website which can go towards other services you will need such as setting up or management of your social media channels, photography, content creation, PR management, digital media advertising and lots more. This is a limited offer and may be closed if oversubscribed.


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