Esplora Malta Interactive Science Centre is a €26 million project co-financed by the European Union through the..

Esplora Science Centre will be housed in the historic ex-Naval Hospital Buildings on the Bighi peninsula in Kalkara, Malta. Logix was awarded the branding identity tender for this project in October 2013. The Centre is expected to open in Q4 2015. Our first task was to establish the brand character and narrative of the National Interactive Science Centre based on preliminary research and team workshops. A list of suitable names was put together through a series of creative sessions and this list was then whittled down to twelve and then down to the top six names, as the less popular options were discarded through the process. We then took the shortlisted names to focus groups to measure the popularity of each one. The formal focus groups were based on actual demographic data and included groups of students, science enthusiasts, teachers and parents of children within the primary target audience cohort. From this research we established that ESPLORA was the best name overall and this was put forward to the client for approval. Once the name was approved, the next step in the research process was to measure the popularity of six different logo designs for ESPLORA. For this we ran quantitative research with a sample size of 600 people from different walks of life and social strata based on actual demographic data of the primary and secondary audience profiles. This research highlighted two designs that were equally popular and a lot of interesting insight to help us design a widely appealing brand identity. The final Esplora logo design was the result of combining the two most popular logo drafts together with other points highlights in the qualitative and quantitative research. The branding package also included a complete set of guidelines for the branding of all collateral material including stationery, gifts, tickets, maps and all other touch points where the brand identity appears. Another important task within the branding package was the design and development of an attractive website for esplora at The site includes detailed information about the Science Centre which is constantly updated by staff of the Malta Council for Science & Technology after adequate training and support were provided to them. Our work also included the production of a TV spot that launched Esplora with the general public through an intensive campaign during the television broadcast of Junior Eurovision 2014 that was held in Malta in November 2014.
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