Five Top Apps for Productivity

If you’re not using a smart phone by now you’re either seriously technologically challenged, an incorrigible recluse or probably too old to bother with reading the rest of this. Smart phones have become little powerful computers in our pockets that are created to make our lives simpler, more entertaining and more productive. Traffic jams and waiting room queues are no longer a problem when you have a sufficiently charged smart phone in your pocket.

Here are the top five must have apps for your smart phone. This list assumes you have all the other mainstays like Mail, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Spotify, etc. installed of course.

Google Calendar – the app syncs seamlessly with Google calendar and pops up reminders before you’re too late for your next appointment. Coupled with the huge (and free) convenience of Google Calendar itself, this app just rocks. Google Calendar is what killed the printed diary for most of us a few years ago. Now some of us only use Moleskine as a fashion statement more than a real work tool as such.

Chat Apps – There are two main contenders for the title of top chat app in my opinion – Whatsapp and Facebook chat. This type of app creates a private chat between friends or colleagues in a group. You can discuss things over chat, send messages, video, music, etc. It may become a bit intrusive if not used within certain parameters of netiquette but it’s immediate and extremely convenient to keep in touch while on the go.

Dropbox – Like Google Drive, iCloud and similar apps, Dropbox gives you storage in the cloud, firstly for free and then against payment if your consumption becomes more voracious. The coolest thing about this sort of app is that you can set it up so that photos are automatically uploaded from your camera roll to dropbox when you’re in a wifi zone (to save on 3G charges). Then when you’re on your desktop or laptop you can pull down the files from the cloud onto your local storage.

Pushbullet – Pushbullet is a handy little app to transfer stuff from mobile to desktop and vice versa very easily. You can push links, files, even map locations both ways instantaneously and you can even push links to someone else’s phone. It works with Chrome browser on your desktop, popping up notifications when the push has come through. This is very handy especially if you browse on your mobile as much as you do on your desktop.

SimpleMind+ – If you use mind mapping as part of your creative or planning process then you will fall in love with this one. It enables you to create mind maps very easily and then transfer them to your desktop app seamlessly or print them (paid version only).

Tell us which other apps you find indispensable below and your input could be included in a future update of this article.


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