Interview on Money Magazine – Dec 2015 issue

Curating, cultivating and nurturing brands


Logix Creative Group celebrated its 20th anniversary this year. We catch up with the company’s directors to see how they are transforming their business model to remain ahead of the curve.

Money magazine - Logix interview


Q: What were the biggest changes you’ve seen in the marketing communications industry over the past twenty years?

A: The ongoing shift from mass media to digital and social media has brought about dramatic shifts in the way marketing communications is managed.  Whereas before our role was to create loud campaigns to reach mass audiences, today we are often more surgical in our approach and the message we devise has to be far more compelling and well defined to make an impact with the target audience in a very noisy environment where everyone is constantly bombarded with information.

Q: How difficult was it for you to adapt to these new scenarios?

A: Since registering Malta’s first domain in 1995, we’ve taken hundreds of companies online and digital media was always one of our core competencies. So for us the shift was probably easier than it was for others. As websites like and have made standard travel agencies practically extinct, Facbook advertising is so easy to self-manage, that some advertisers may feel that’s all they need to do, and they don’t need an agency to do that for them. Yet, we currently manage more than sixty Facebook pages for our clients and we know that the results we obtain with all this experience are much more cost effective than what our clients would manage to do on their own. So our work for our clients becomes cost neutral to them – experts working for you at no additional cost. We know this because our own clients have told us this repeatedly from their own experiences. Whereas before a lot of our work was related to media bookings, our role now is more in devising marketing strategies and implementing them in the long term.

Q: So you’re like an extension of their marketing team?

A: Yes and no. Yes because it is our duty to deliver on their bottom line, and no because we remain external consultants with a fresh mind to provide an external view of their business and their market without becoming bogged down with internal business issues. This enables us to influence strategy with new and out-of-the-box ideas to continuously achieve more ambitious objectives.

Q: What changes have you done to yourselves in this milestone year?

A: The most important change has been that in our corporate structure with the setting up of separate companies where key staff members are being appointed directors. Cecilia Portelli is Media Director running the media agency business, Etienne Mallia is Branding Director specialised in comprehensive branding services, and Dorvic Mansueto is Digital Media Director focused solely on maximizing digital media solutions for our clients. Behind these directors there is a dedicated team of staff that is directly hands-on in the production of campaign concepts and strategy, TV, radio and print productions and web development. Although every day is buzzing with activity, much of what we produce is from a collective team effort. So when our clients are outsourcing their marketing communications function to us, they are employing this entire team as a whole, or the parts of it that they need to complete their own internal competencies.

Another important change has been the setting up of DAAA Haus as a separate company. Keith Pillow heads this interior design and environment branding studio with a very capable team of designers and architects. This company has been hugely successful and is expanding internationally with the setting up of DAAA Italia which happened earlier this year.

Q: So you are more of a creative company now rather than marketing?

A: We are very effective in both areas as you really cannot do marketing without good creative. We are primarily brand curators, cultivating brands and nurturing their identities across different marketing platforms. Our vast portfolio of work shows that more and more clients are trusting our “creative factory” for this work. Meanwhile, the work of growing the brand depends on effective marketing concepts and well planned strategy. Our biggest strength is when we are contracted for projects that use more of our capabilities, like for example when we create a hotel or restaurant brand, then design its collateral material and advertising and also design the interiors and styling of the place.

Q: So where do you see yourselves going in the future?

A: We intend to keep developing our work to provide marketing communications solutions in its widest definition, both online and in the “real world” of bricks and mortar business. As the Internet continues to revolutionize commerce in so many different ways we are ready to provide solutions to our clients to help them meet the challenges ahead. Today it’s just not enough to set up a business and hope and wait for customers to find you. Providing a rewarding shopping experience and building brand reputation have become vital and this is what we’re so good at doing.