Logix 2.0 – Our most difficult client ever

In between everything else we work on for our clients, over the past year or so we have been working very hard on our very own “Project Logix 2.0”. This year marks the 20th anniversary since Logix was established as a company and it’s a most important milestone that we cannot let pass without big celebration.

But this was never about just throwing another glamourous party or creating a stamp with 20 and a laurel wreath to sit upon. This milestone required a great deal of thinking that would continue to propel the company in the right direction for the the future. And that is where things started getting sticky. Our industry is changing so fast right now that it’s extremely difficult to foresee the future, and you need to do that to be able to plan well.

We are very fortunate to have a bit of prophet streak within us and have managed to develop the company in different directions over the years. Some directions proved more successful than others and this process of organic growth led to some leggy outgrowths that needed to be trimmed down. Now it was time for a corporate shakedown, a big re-structuring to clean things up. We set up a holding company and split operations into two separate companies that work closely together – Logix Creative Ltd. and DAAA Haus Ltd. This will enable us to rope in new partners into the corporate structure more easily and give staff members the opportunity to share in our collective success more practically. But there was a complex minefield of legal and accounting hurdles that needed to be overcome. We’re still working on this process but things are taking shape very nicely now and we can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Then it came to our own re-branding. If the admin re-organisation was a headache, the creative work for ourselves was migraine. It’s never this hard to create work for our clients. We do that with gusto and we’re very good at it. But when we are our own client and when we are working with rolling deadlines, that’s a recipe for a lot of sleepless nights and lots of heartburn. Everyone is qualified to give input on everything and that’s how it should be. That is how ownership is shared here. However in the end decisions have to be taken and things have to be done. We will soon be launching our new corporate identity and although none of us can claim that he or she created it alone, we can all agree that we share parts of it and that it’s how we see ourselves together as a team.

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