NAAR Restobar

New branding for this restaurant, bar and lido facilities in Balluta Bay, St. Julians.

New branding for this restaurant, bar and lido facilities in Balluta Bay, St. Julians.

The Neptunes Waterpolo & Swimming Club at the beautiful Balluta Bay in St. Julians, Malta went through several renovations and upgrades since being established in 1929. Now it was time for a major overhaul of the facilities and rebranding of the restaurant and bar area to go with the new styling.

The NAAR name is inspired by the Maltese word for “fire” (nar). A stylised double A is used at the centre of the logo with part of the typography itself reminiscent of two flames. An original designed font is used for the main logo typeface to evoke a modern and bold stance.

The unique ‘restobar’ description was created purposely for the brand to encapsulate the essence of the establishment into one word. It sits nicely at the centre, below the main name.

A colour palette has been built on the warm orange of the summer heat, the crystal clear blue of the pool and sea water and sand and grey tones for accents.

A complete brand essence was created to be reflected on location, digitally through the website as well as on social media, collateral and uniforms.

Naar is a very popular lido, beach club and general fun summer place all year round. The deliverables include:
  • Naming 
  • Brand identity
  • Interior design 
  • Project management 
  • Brand visuals - storyboard, casting, styling, photography
  • Launch campaign planning and execution. 
  • Signage and In-store visuals
  • Packaging
  • Social media and web presence
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