Rocksalt is a cafe, wine bar and gourmet food store concept that stands out for its distinctive design.

Rocksalt is a concept cafe, wine bar and gourmet food store located in the buzzing shopping district of Sliema, Malta. We created the catering concept together with our sister company within Logix Group, DAAA Haus, with the DAAA team also managing the interior design and project management of the place within an impossible three week delivery period. From concept stage to reality in record delivery time of three weeks. The logo identity design is built on a distinctive RS monogram and a sans serif font for the title. The sub title food-bar-shop is written in italics to tone down the formality of the rest of the identity. The interior design concept created by our partners at DAAA Haus maximises the long and narrow space by using one whole wall to display gourmet food products, premium wines and drinks and placing the long bar on the opposite side. Ample seating inside compliments the outdoor seating on the terrace. The online strategy we planned for Rocksalt centres around establishing a strong presence on social media including Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Google maps, and Tripadvisor as well as on specialised networks such as Vivino. Rocksalt's website will enable special promotions and extend the retail offering to an online audience both in Malta and elsewhere. The first batch of collateral material deliverables included calling cards, napkins and coasters, gift vouchers and product tags, as well as menus and menu boards. Distinctive original photography forms the backbone of all media advertising for Rocksalt.
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