The Birth of this Blog

Starting out by saying that this blog has been gestating for several years will probably raise reader expectations to levels that are too high to maintain, but it’s the truth and it must be stated at this point to put the whole thing in perspective.

For me, keeping a life journal always sounded too regimented and daunting a task, and that has been the main reason for procrastinating this launch till now. So this blog will not be a diary of my personal life, or my work life, or what happens at Logix Group. It will feature topical issues from our world, it will showcase some of our work and how we do it, and cover news and information from our fast changing industry that is at such an exciting juncture right now. I hope it won’t be just my voice that will fill these pages. My excellent team of staff have a lot to say about a lot of things and guest bloggers also feature here from time to time.

This passion for communicating with people is what drove me to get into this industry in the first place almost three decades ago. I just hope I can discipline myself to manage this endeavour between everything else that I have to deliver every week.

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