Virality – The Holy Grail of Advertising

Virality is considered to be the holy grail of advertising. To have a story take a life of its own, get picked up by different media and shared by the masses, is a truly outstanding phenomenon to witness. It’s one of those rare occasions that every marketer salivates for. But how do you create enough hype to reach that most elusive critical mass to start going viral? How do you kick start this self-replicating process? Is there a formula that can guarantee any form of repeated success with different stories?

Whilst we cannot (yet) claim to have all the answers to these questions, we’ve had our fair share of successful experiences over the years that have given us valuable insight into making this process happen under different conditions.

This week we’ve witnessed such a scenario with the story of Rocksalt published for our siblings at DAAA Haus. Rocksalt is a swanky wine bar concept conceived by our creative director Keith Pillow and branded by our team at Logix Creative. The process started when we issued a bog standard press release about this project. This was published by Pedrali, a renowned Italian supplier of tables and chairs that were used in this project. The story was interesting enough and Sean Mallia’s fantastic photography certainly helped it get noticed. Within a few days it was getting picked up by some of the most prominent international design media, potentially reaching thousands of readers. Others shared it on social media, generating huge publicity for DAAA Haus and our client Rocksalt.

So what have we learnt from this and similar experiences we’ve had in the past?

1. The first thing you need is compelling content. Content is king, and queen, and the be all and end all of all forms of virality. That’s why it doesn’t just work for anything at the push of a button. Interesting stories work well, but photos and short video may work even better. The content must be original and interesting enough for the audience to want to tell everyone about it.

2. The message cannot be in your face old school advertising blurb. It has to be done much more tactfully than that. People are clever and aware of the collective power they yield as a mass audience. They won’t just share things that are blatantly advertising something you want to put across. So again, the previous point applies – content, content, content.

3. Presentation is also very important. When people share your content they are endorsing it as if it was their own. If your presentation is poor, nobody is going to be interested in being associated with you or your message.

And that’s basically all there is to it. The objective is to get the ball rolling up the hill until it gathers enough momentum to keep driving itself higher, bigger and bigger. Sounds simple enough when you think about it.

Then the obvious question presents itself – how do you create this compelling content? How do you get people to click those like, share and retweet buttons. How do you get the big names to boost your virality? To answer these questions we need to get to know more about your story. Drop us an email here so we can get the ball rolling for you too.


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